Update Order Group not working since update


Checking rule debugger shows that the order state updated action isnt fireing on new orders added… :-/


But is i use the 'change course option which updates order course state it does work…


Disabled the update discount automation commands to check if they were interfearing but no change;


@kandash any ideas? Am struggling for ideas on where to start!


From screen and debugger can see the rule to set the Kitchen Course state is firing…


Have unmapped/disabled with 1==2 all rules/actions not related to the course state to try and make like fresh DB but still no luck :-/



So a fresh restore from live backup onto 5.2.14 kinda works;

And changing auto key to true fixes split groups…


Ok, progress… looks like its the constraint on the state updated rule…


However this works;

Is this a bug? This was working before…

That screenshot has the course as the key, this or auto key seems to solve the split group issue on 5.2.14 test. Maybe related?


Try Matches instead of Equals not sure if it would help or not.


No, matches doesnt change it.


Hmmm, but have that constraint in the fresh testing DB which works…
Must be clashing with something else…


Odd. This also works;



Can you send me a backup and let me know the required steps to reproduce the issue?


@emre just sending backup now, is in second 'non working config atm.

This rule; like this works;


But like this doesnt;



@JTRTech if you remove the action constraint in your last screenshot that you say is not working does it work?


Yes, and if you change it to the same constraint but as {ORDER TAG:xx} equals it works.
This two screenshots are 2 mins apart, exact same setup just that constraint changes.


You’re setting Kitchen Course before updating Order Status to New. Move default rule on top and it will work fine.


But I was constraining to kitchen course state being updated not status? Am i missing something?



Arrr, and it worked with {ORDER STATE: because it already had the course and it was the new triggering it.
Good shout @emre
Took Status New for granted and didn’t think about that in sorting, moved the course one to top as though something else was undoin or Interfering but should have moved to end.

Can we filter the sort order list to specific events?
I mean the order of rules outside of that is generally irelevent no? As the events are the triggers? Just the sort order list gets a bit complicated once you have lots of rules.