Update order tag along with product quantity

When selling a can of something a recycling fee is added (0.10 per can). Currently the Recycling Fee tag is set to auto select when the product is added.

When increasing quantity, or specifying initially, the order tag price in the order lister is correct (e.g. 5 cans, 0.50 recycling fee), the tax and ticket totals are correct,


but the order tag quantity and price stay as configured for the tag.

[{"OI":60,"OK":"450010","PR":0.10,"Q":1,"TN":"Recycling Fee","TV":"Recycling Fee","UI":1},{"OI":13,"OK":"380010","Q":1,"TN":"Drink","TV":"Coke","UI":1}]

On the printed ticket order tag quantity is 1 and the order tag total reflects a quantity of 1.


What needs to be done to increase the order tag quantity so it’ll print properly?

Try this on your printer template for Order Tag Price:

[=F(TN('{QUANTITY}')*TN('{ORDER TAG PRICE}'),'0.00')]

This will use the order quantity multiplied by the Order Tag Price. I did not test to see what would happen with more than 1 quantity of order tag with more than 1 order quantity. I also did not test with what would happen with “price included” option on Order Tags.

Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to use a ternary expression to format for the three order tags in question and those functions won’t work within the expression.

I should add that though your suggestion works, it then displays 0.00 for order tags with no price instead of blank.

There are three recycling fee order tags so I’m working with something like this:

<J01> * [=('{ORDER TAG NAME}' == 'Recycling Fee' ? '{CALL:recyclingFee.format('{QUANTITY}','{ORDER TAG PRICE}')}' : '{ORDER TAG NAME}' == 'Recycling Fee' ? 'EXPRESSION HERE2' : '{ORDER TAG NAME}' == 'Recycling Fees' ? 'EXPRESSION HERE3' : '{ORDER TAG QUANTITY} {ORDER TAG NAME} | {ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE}')]

Not sure if this is what your looking for, but how about this:

[=F(TN('{QUANTITY}')*TN('{ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE}'),'#.00;-0.00;#.##')]

In the above example, O.T.$ is showing the order tag price.
Olives = .10
Pickles = .10 (price included)


You, Sir, are a champ!! Thanks much!