Update Ticket Status RULE problem

Guys, I have defined everything to work with two printers, or at least that is wat I think!!!
but this rule: “PRINT BILL RULE” is giving me some trouble. For the defualt rule the Action “Update Ticket Status” has two values, CONSTRAINT and STATUS, but when I try to define an exact same set of actions for a diferent PRINT BILL RULE, the variables for the same action are three, CONSTRAINT, STATUS and CURRENT STATUS, so obviously when I try to duplicate behaviour it does not work.

PRINT RULE PIZZARIA (original with some modificationes in names) works perfect, prints bill, and updates status of table

PRINT RULE RESTAURANTE (wich I hand made copying the original one) prints the bill but does not change table status…

Help please!!!



Just clone the pizza rule, change the print job action to Restaurant and change the mapping to Restaurant Department.
That should be all you need.

Clone? I was trying to do add the rule by hand…


[UPDATE] found the CLONE menu option… jajajjjajjajaja, did not know that this could be possible!!!



Cloning is great as it makes an exact copy of rules, actions, actually it’s available to almost all backend settings.