Upgrade to Windows 10

Hello guys,

One of my staff upgraded my server pc of sambapos to windows 10, it was an “keep files as are” upgrade and luckily not a fresh start upgrade.

My server cannot connect, this is my error msg

the files should have stayed the same?

Few things to check:

  1. Is SQL Server windows service running?
  2. Is the computer name still SERVER-PC?
  3. Did you install SQL Server originally in mixed mode authentication (e.g. you have a sa username and password for SambaPOS)? Show your connection string in SambaPOS to confirm. In which case, possibly your user account is now set as a Microsoft account and may have changed. Connect in management studio using SQL Server Autnentication.

In a worst case scenario that you just don’t want the Windows 10 update, you can roll back to previous version of Windows for 30 days since upgrade. Search online if you want to rollback it is very easy and might save you a lot of hassle. But personally I’ve upgraded from Windows 8 to 10 and had no issues, and I suggest you stay on Windows 10.

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I chose the easy way out and did a roll back, thank you for advice.

  1. My sql windows service does seem to be a problem, multiple restarts then reestablishes connection

  2. Computer name stayed the same

  3. yes it was mixed mode authentication and I tried all options there, password and windows authentication

I have decided to creating a server running Microsoft server 2012 instead of windows 10 for now.

again thank you for info!

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