Upgrading Win7 to Win10

Hi Team,
I’m going to upgrade from Win7 to Win10, is it as easy as this?

  • Take a backup
  • Install Win10
  • Install SambaPOS
  • Restore from backup

Cheers :+1:

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Easy to do.

You only have to go to control panel, program feature and enable .NET 3.5

For the best experience backup sambapos and when upgrading choose the clean fresh install let it erase everything. Then after you get it setup how you like and install fresh new copy of sambapos load your backup. You may need to tweak a few local settings.

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That was fun! Everything went smoothly after the 2 hours of trying to get it to connect to the database. I think it was a combination of things but then it just worked so yeah. The forum posts are full of great info!!!

.Net 3.5 was already enabled but good tip, thanks :+1:

… although… When I try to activate my license it says activated but the ‘unregistered trial’ shows and the activation warning keeps popping up.

So for today I’ve swapped the drive back to Win7.

I think you should clear the key from your samba cp account and enter your email and password in sambapos software.

You need to clear your key and reactivate.

Cheers, will do in a few days (2 days off, yay) :+1:

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