URGENT Running Live! Printing Issue......Kitchen Order not printing

Ok. since it is usb … usb print server should work with it. Why lead you to believe it was not compatible?

i configured and setup but it didnt work then i called t-link support thy said dpr 1061 support epson a-series so
epson t-u220 is not compatible

odd typically print server is universal with USB. ill do some research for you.

Sorry forum went kaput on us for a little while. I did some research…Typically almost all USB printers will work with most USB print servers… for some reason your exact model is one of like 5 they list as not compatible… why that is I am not sure.
I have not tested this you may want to call them to verify before you purchase. However this model supports that printer.


So to sum everything up you have several options.

1. try to see if you can configure Workgroups correctly and attempt to tweak your current setup for compatability.
2. Purchase an upgraded windows 7 or 8.1 machine to ensure maximum windows version compatibility on the network.
3. Research and purchase a USB print server that is compatible with your printers.
4. Buy new Ethernet/Wireless ready printers. 

Obviously 1. = 0 cost.   #3. would be give you the most cost savings/reliability boost.
#2 would help future proof your system (Although keeping printers directly on network via print server or actual Network printers is best option)
#4. would be the most costly but would be the most efficient fail safe method and it would future proof your system as well.

thanks alot really appreciate your assisstance and support

will try to implement the options you have mentioned than will update u

PS can you tell me for future which 5 models are not supported by usb printer server

i have changed my methodolgy i setup the system like sambapos server setup SambaPOS Server, Workstation & RDP Setup Guide hope this time no issue appear

i wanted to know if i remotely access the sambapos from pos terminal from the server will it do any harm performance wise or speed wise

Sambapos is designed to work this way. So no it will not. It might slow it down if the server is not fast enough to keep up with LARGE amount of data… or if your network is not setup correctly.

Are you talking about just connecting to the database or are you talking about using RDP?

Can you explain what you mean by SambaPOS server setup? I just want to make sure I am clear on how you set yours up before I give you a definitive answer.

i mean connecting POS terminal to server via RDP

If your POS terminal is windows machine… I would not recommend doing it. RDP should really be used mostly for devices that you cannot install the POS software on. It is way more efficient and faster and more fail safe to install SambaPOS onto the terminal and connect to the database vs using it as a RDP machine.

THe difference being if your network gets slowed down for any reason the responsiveness and feel of the POS itself would not be affected if it was installed locally… with RDP if your network slows down for any reason then simple tasks like pressing a button on the POS screen could lag and seem slow response.

No matter how fast your network is. RPD will have a slight lag on responsiveness of the POS buttons etc. Installing it locally and connecting to database will always feel faster because it is having to send less data to achieve the same thing.

RDP Mode has to send information about EVERYTHING to server and vice versa. The very screen and buttons being drawn is sent over network. VS installing it locally the only data sent over network is communication with database and message server.

Not to mention if you do not have Windows Server edition installed as the server… using RDP you would have to HACK your OS to get it working correctly and it would violate license agreements. I personally would rather not have any licensing issues to worry about in my business.

ok thanks one thing not clear “Windows Server edition installed as the server” by this you mean professional edition ?

NO I mean server edition. Windows Server is the only edition that supports multiple concurrent RDP connections.

how about if i use rdp through tablets

Does not matter. The only way to connect multiple RDP clients to server legally is with Windows Server. To get it working with anything else you have to HACK it. Its up to you. Many people take the risk. I personally would not want it.

Argg, my restaurant’s having the same issue. In 1 night of business, I get around 2 to 4 times that kitchen tickets not printed. This is my current setup:

Wifi Router
|–Wireless–> POS pc
|–WireLan–> Epson TM-T81 (bill printer+drinks)
|–WireLan–> Epson TM-T81 (kitchen printer)

The wifi router serves only for POS purpose and the cable lenghts are not further than 5m.

@strashy are your printers hooked into the router?

EDIT: having the POS pc on wifi is not the smartest solution. I know you probably know this but wifi can get congested so easily and it is not reliable way to connect mission critical processes.

Yeah, I totally understand your point kendash, because I have a free wifi usb, and the router is only serve pos purpos and they’s so near from each others, so I thought it should be ok.

My printers are ethernet ready and hook directly to router.

I’ll have my PC connect to the network using Lan Cable and report back in next few days.

It is probably the wireless affecting the print commands being sent. Its getting congested more than likely in busy hours. Considering busy hours you probably have a lot more people using personal devices that use wireless even if it is not your wireless they are on it would cause congestion.

You’re probably right there. I hope change to cable will fix this issue, it’s a disaster.

Can you use HTML printer mode when you hook up via print server?

Hooking them in Ethernet is the best option. Having his POS connected via WiFi could easily affect printing during busy times.