URGENT! V5 License problem

1 month ago I activated license key for customer and worked well. But today, suddenly license stopped working and activation button in Samba Market is inactive. How could I fix it?

Tried to uninstall license and install again, not worked.

I had the same problem with one customer again, again and again.
First be sure that you have the newest version of sambaPOS installed.
The go on http://www.sambamarket.com -> Login -> My products
There you have to clear the license key.
Go on sambamarket in the pos take care to log in on the top right corner and then try again.

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Login to sambamarket.com and clear database/licence keys.
Login to market place on sambapos and activate licence.

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But there is no any sambamarket account. I use b2b.sambapos.com and there is no opinion to clear keys.

It’s on the top… Clear Key

My interface totally different (for resellers)

That’s the client end where the licences would be accessible by the client.
I don’t have any personal licences in my b2b account only customers.

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Go on Customers and then Renew Password I think this clears the key automatically.
If not, take the customer username and password and login with these on http://sambamarket.com and then clear the key.

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Got it, thanks. It was asking for username, but with email also working

Yes, it works! Thanks Stanko & JTRTech, you’re great! :slight_smile: