Use custom document or transaction descriptions

Not sure if I have described this correctly, but I am trying to improve the information available in the Account Transaction Detail report. At the moment it looks like this:

But that doesn’t help remind me which transaction this is. How can I change the decription so it says “#1 John 1530.00” (Ticket#, Customer name, value in foreign currency)

I guess this means that it would be helpful when looking at the list of transactions in Admin > Accounts > Transactions we see something like this:

How could I customise the documents and transaction descriptions in this way?

You need to use Automation Actions to have finer control over the descriptions. Here is some background on my Employee Payroll system - it should get you started.

##Entity and Account

##Transaction Types

##Document Type

Leave the Button Header field blank if you don’t want a button to appear on the Account Screen. In my setup, I don’t have any direct link or mapping to the Employees Accounts Screen, so whether or not I set the Button Header is moot.


There are many Actions used for the Payroll System, but this is one is the basis of the operations. It invokes the Transaction Document. Note that this where you can set the Description. I hard-coded part of the Description in the Action itself, and made [:Employee] a variable parameter so that it will append information to the Description via the Rule. You may opt to instead use no hard-coded value at all, and set the entire description via the Rule by using a variable here such as [:payoutDescription].


Again, there are quite a few Rules in this system that save Amounts, Entity Names, Date etc. into Program Settings, which is handled by this Rule where it asks for values (using [?prompt] syntax) while supplying some default information that can be accepted or overridden …

Once the values have been entered, the last Ask Question Action in the Rule above presents a summary of entered information and a choice of Account to make the Payment from, such as Drawer, Wallet/Safe, Bank, etc., and it in turn fires the next Rule. This Rule uses all the gathered information stored in {SETTING:X} Program Settings, and fires the appropriate Transaction Document Action depending on the answer from the Ask Question Action in the previous Rule …

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Thanks @QMcKay - I can see how I could use this to customise the decription of a transaction that is initiated using a command button, but I would like to know if I can customise the descritpion of the transactions that are created as part of the ticket sales process throught he POS menu??

No, you cannot. That is what I am saying. Tickets are actually a “special” hard-coded Transaction Document. You cannot change the Description of a Ticket Document. You can change the Transaction Descriptions, but they will be “static”, as defined by associated Transaction Type (ie. Payment, Tax, Change, etc). You will not be able to “inject” your descriptions into the Transactions, nor the Document.

That is why other systems have been built using Automation so we have control over the Document Description as I have shown. Even with that, the Transaction Descriptions themselves cannot be changed “on-the-fly”; Tx Type Descriptions do not exist - it uses the Name of the Transaction Type.


Ah - Ok, thanks for explaining :slight_smile: