Use Membership Card

How to use membership card in sambapos.
customer membership card using…

Try searching the forum, there are many topics cover a varity of methods.


Trying to find this but dont know were

What are you looking to do with memberships? Track customers? Special pricing? Discounts?

Are you going to be using physical membership cards?

track customers and card must expire after a year and u pay to be a member

its a cricket club member that pay to be a member

Whats your use case? Example, I come to your club, I give you my details and $ and you give me a card that I will use how?
Do your membership cards come with debit/credit transactions?
What kind of information are you hoping to save within the membership card account?
Do you use those cards to make purchases while at the club?
Do you use those cards to rent/buy equipment?

There is probably a solution to what you need but you will have to give us more information, this is rather vague.

Do you already have cards? If so, do the cards have any sort of data via mag strip or barcode? As previously mentioned, there are many ways to set this up. Best thing is to start simple.

  1. Customize the entity type Customers with specific data to what you need such as membership level and expiration date.
  2. Define how to identify when a membership is expired.

You can go as detailed or simple as you want.