User performance report

Can you help me pls
I want user performance report

old report code

old report


6 and 8 you should be able to replicate the calculation format from our discussion the other day [expresion5]/[expression4] etc

To achive 9 and 10 your probably going to need to change report structure and use the user list like the second table from yesterdays discussion and add the :(TU=$1) on the end of the existing report ticket details expression then have a report order details expression after a pipe (|) character again using :(TU=$1) <-- :-/ if it wirks on order details expression.
Totals would just be your existing expression leaving out T.User and adding Total| before the ticket details report bit (obviously without the TU=$1 bit on the end.

Can you make code… pls JTRTech

Just to clarify I am not Samba support… I tried explaining what was being changed the other day to help you learn.
Your not going to learn if someone ‘just does it’ for you every time and myself and most other regulars help on the forum to help others learn, not to just do other peoples setups for free with exception of if your trying something new and challenging/interesting which catches the interest of the comunity.

If you want someone to just do it then consider posting an add in the adds section.

You would be surprised how much more help you will get if you show willing and at least try what people tell you rather than just asking for it to be done for you…
Im happy to help you but not to just do it for you.

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