User PIN Enhancements


It is possible to remove User PIN 4 digit minimum requirement?

I understand 4 digit PIN enhances POS security, but I believe SambaPOS should not have 4 digit minimum requirement. User PIN length should be left optional. Each establishment should be able to choose their own user PIN length based on their security concerns…

E.G. Use case for shorter user PIN.
A restaurant has 1 or 2 servers. In this case, security is not a concern. Having a two digit PIN will speed up POS navigation.

Remove User PIN masking.

E.G. Use case to remove user PIN masking.

A server forgets their PIN. Managers should be able to view and tell them their PIN. Servers should not have permission to view management functions and thus they should be restricted from viewing other server’s PINs.

In our restaurant, we have a separate program for employee Time Clock. The PIN for SambaPOS and Time Clock is the same. If a server forgets their PIN, we have to go to Time Clock program to view their PIN. Time Clock program does not mask the PIN for managers.

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I understand and would like to see some enhancement here as well. But I do not really see much difference in manager logging in and just assigning a new pin if it was forgotten vs signing in to look at the current pin.

In case of time clock it would be useful though