User role not functioning

I have created a user role to as a cashier, but the user can to settle to customer account, option is greyedout. Help please.

Show us the permissions. Share a screenshot.

Does the selected entity have an account. You have to create account for entity either when creating or editing with create account button on add/edit entity screen.

Please point step to this solution. thanks

Search for entity, click edit and click create account.

Done, customers account created, but no avail. I even gave admin privilege to the user, still did not work.

Show screenshots because we need to see it.

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I can settle to customer account on the server, but I cant settle to customer account on the terminals

You gotta let it finish uploading before you submit your post. If that’s the case are you sure the terminals are connected to the server via SQL Express?

YES. very sure same terminal cashier use for settlement

Did you do some kind of terminal mapping with that payment type? Check the mapping on the Customer payment type.

Where can I do this please?

Go to settings > Tickets >Payment TYpes and for customer payment type check mapping.

Is everything ok here?

Yes so can you show an example of a customer account it wont let you settle too in one of the terminals?

Note that the option for customer account is faded. It can not be clicked