User role not functioning

You have no customer selected to the ticket.

To selected customer is faded too, cannot be clicked look at the images

Ok so you messed up your ticket type settings looks like. Go to Settings > Tickets > Ticket Types and make sure customers is assigned to your ticket type.

EDIT: NM TIcket is locked you need to unlock ticket to add customer. Press Unlock Ticket button and try.

The change table option was enabled after unlocking the ticket. Selected customer is still faded can’t be clicked

Hmm if you login as admin will it let you?

Ok so for your user you need to check permissions is can change entity enabled for that users role?

I logged in as administrator and everything works perfectly

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Yes so your problem is that you have restricted the user role so it can not add or remove an entity from a ticket. It had nothing to do with customer payment. Check those permissions and see if it fixes it.

Also be sure and enable Can Create Account option too.

I clone admin role for the user.

Why do that… just make user an admin…if thats what you want.

Can you show mapping for the “Customer Search” entity screen? User need to have permission to access to a customer entity screen to be able to select one.


It worked, thanks alot.

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What did? Emre’s suggestion? I wasnt serious about making them admin.

Making them admin worked.

This is the only solution I have seen, i have battled with is issue for long.

Please try what Emre said above… Making them admin really doesnt fix it. It may cause you even worse headaches later.

Go to Settings > Entities > Entity Screens > Customer Search and click Mappings show us whats there.


Perfect thanks alot sirs for your assistance.

What emre, suggested worked.

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