User role not functioning

@Jesse , please I cant see customer account on this page of the screen.

What do you mean? Your not supposed to see it. Do you mean you can’t see balance?

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Do you mean customer account payment type button?

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Check the mapping of that payment type.

Yes, it use to appear. After selecting customer. Now I can’t find it.

Mapping of customer account?

Go to Manage > Tickets > Payment Types > Customer Account and check that it has mapping.

BTW if you want to provide better screenshots you can just press Print Screen button on your keyboard and Paste it directly into the forum.

It is visible now but the option of faded can not be clicked

The mapping of customer account was the reason it was not visible. Your tutorial helped me

But I can’t clicked customer account, the option is faded

Does customer definitely have an account? Go to edit customer in entity search screen and make sure the create account has been clicked

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I feel we went through all this already.

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No, I have carefully gone the our chat, even I as administrator can’t use customer account payment button. The option is faded, and cannot be clicked.

You need to create an account for that customer. Click select customer then search for that customer click on it and choose create account.

You need to create accounts for every customer you wish to allow to pay customer account. I’m the future any customer you create be sure and choose create account button.

How can I create customer account?

On ticket screen press select Customer then search for that customer and select it then press create account.

I have followed this procedure before. It use to work.

But now I see this delivery screen,

All the time.