User Role - RESTRICTED Admin right


(taking opportunity that business is close to do lots of changes, so I might have lots of ponctual questions, sorry :blush: )

I defined a new role:

  • Responsible

I gave him admin right (I checked ADMIN), needed for him to make discount (loyalty card 10%) BUT I retricted his permission:

  • Basically Can Open Management is unchecked.

I don’t want him to go in management and mess around.

However, Resposible role still have access to Management.

Is there anything I can do to avoid that ?


If you set anyone to ADMIN they have full access - it’s an override setting.

The only option you have is to map the Discount (Loyalty Card 10%) rule to his User Role, and he needs to login to apply the discount.

I have no such a Discount automation command/Boutton, it’s an internal command, no ?

I would have to make my own one, but am a bit short on time, tomorrow, is back to business.

Manage->Tickets->Calculation Selectors->Discount
Click Mapping and set the User Role there, then it is only available for that User Role - you might want to add ADMIN roles too.

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@JohnS That does it ! Thanks !