Using Cash Drawers

@DenizAltun Did you tried <XCT>27,112,48,55,121 ? What happens when you include that line inside a printer template?

@JohnS @emre @QMcKay

i am using a ‘Sam4s Ellix 20S’ printer. it works fine with samba pos, and i am able to print out receipts.

however my cashdrawer which is connected through the printer is not working.

i have tried to find the kick codes on the website provided by @emre, but this model/brand is not listed.

i have also tried the following recommended by yourselves but still no luck:

please could you help. thanks

According to the manual, this is the Kick specification:

ESC p m t1 t2

Output the pulse specified by t1 & t2 to connector pin m as follows:
0,48  Drawer kick-out connector pin 2
1,49  Drawer kick-out connector pin 5
t1 specifies the pulse ON time as [t1 × 2 ms] and t2 specifies the pulse OFF time as [t2 × 2 ms].
If t2 is smaller than t1, OFF time is set as [t1 × 2 ms].

Try one of the following:


@QMcKay can u help with the kick command for sam 4s ellix20 II.

i have try both the command but they are not working



I have pos machine and there is port for printer but i want to open the cash drawer without using the printer directly with port which sends 24V pulse to cash drawer. Is there any way to open printer without using printer with serial port???

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