Using Order Tags as Product Modes

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What happens to The Wherehouse or inventory items when No Sides is Pressed? It doesnt make change to the Inventory by not Removing items to the Inventory? If so How did you do the configurations…

This was asked very recently, to remove items from recipe/not deduct inventory you should remove non core recipe items from main product and instead link then to order tags. Then you can preselect order tags for standard dish via the ‘edit product properties’ for menu so rather than selecting no sides, the noremal sides would be preselected and you remove the tag to remove from dish/inventory consumption.
In fact it was your topic…;

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I have that button as a note for the kitchen. It simply tells them that there is no sides wanted.

Okay I would love to use it, But does it work with the wherehouse because I want it to maintain items in Inventory not reduce but maintain when none is done.

It will work fine if your Recipes are configured properly using Order Tag Mappings feature …

I guess this is supposed to automatically subtract from the inventory if I choose the calamari tag, however it is not subtracting I don’t know what went wrong. I have selected the product as shown on the picture but it is not subtracting.

Follow the Tutorial. Do not use Product assignments in Order Tags. Use Order Tag Mappings in Inventory Recipes.


Thank you so much Q, you saved my life. It’s now working perfectly. I appreciate.