Using SambaPOS in Retail

First of all i’m quite new to Samba. I came across this last night and i couldn’t believe i haven’t discovered this earlier. So thank you so much.

My questions are:

  1. I’m planning to have this in a grocery store, what is the procedure to create:
    a. A category say soft drinks, magazines and so on
    b. inventory items within each category such as 300ml coke bottles and so on
    c. Assigning costs to each item and a selling price
    d. Acquiring a scale read of weight items such as cheese
    e. Storing barcodes in each item
    f. Printing Barcodes with description and pricing to stick on the product shelves

  2. Having the categories displaying on the login screen such as Soft Drinks, Magazines and so on

  3. Able to print a discount barcode on the receipt. Lets say we want to create a 5% discount for next visit for anytime a customer spends $100. and 10% everytime they spend over $300

  4. Custom development: is it possible to rush a custom paid development?


Welcome Michael.

1.a. All products can be assigned to a category for reporting and filtering in SambaPOS features. These categories can be different to the Menu categories.
1.b. Inventory items can be created with fixed or last cost and are matched to products with a recipe, which in your case will be 1:1 ratio.
1.c. Costs will be assigned to inventory items, and selling price assigned to products
1.d. Any scale with a serial port should work fine. TEM EGE & CAS ER Scales are fully supported, and SambaPOS can read weighted barcodes produced by scales
1.e. Barcodes can be stored against each product
1.f. SambaPOS does not provide this ability as this tends to be specific to grocery POS systems. A Zebra label printer, Zebra ID Automation software and a spreadsheet can achieve this.
2… You can only display your business logo on the login screen, but on the POS screen you can see all the categories if required. You do not need to add products to a menu if they have a barcode.
3… This can be achieved by creating and storing discount vouchers on demand, and redeemable later.
4… All of us here are busy with our own businesses, and that can make it hard to devote time to creating a complete solution, paid or not.
The best solution, is to create the setup yourself as you will learn so much about SambaPOS, and all of us here can help with issues and setups.
If time is a factor as you need this ASAP, then please reconsider your time frame. as a rushed deployment without proper testing can lead to problems in production.