V4 Sales Tax Help (included on specific product groups)

Which Rule there are 2?

The first rule is applying the tax by using an Order Tag. You are calculating the tax using the expression:

[=F(TN('{PRICE}') * 0.0825),0.00]  where 0.0825 is replace it with your tax rate %

When you made the Order Tag Group you chose to add the Order Tag Price to the Orders Price so it makes it Tax Included.

The constraint ensures its only applying it to those specific items.

It is adding the tax at item level using Order Added to Ticket.

The second Rule is recording the Transaction into Accounting by using the tag {ORDER TAG TOTAL:Sales Tax} Sales Tax is the name of your Order Tag Group that you made. This puts the total of those order tags into the transaction.

To sum it all up you are calculating the tax using an expression instead of a template and then recording it into the accounting you had setup for your taxes.

There are several benefits to doing this. Since you are doing taxes on Item Level you have more control. For example you could remove taxes from single item… etc

BTW I might add you may want to edit your printer Template so it excludes the Tax Order Tag from showing. To do this simply add this line to bottom of your template:

[ORDER TAGS:Sales Tax] 

Sales Tax would be the name of the order tag group you made. This makes it so it will not show any Sales Tax order tags.

I only see 1 rule above. “Liquor Tax”

Can you show how this would look? I’ve only used ticket tags/modifiers.

By doing this and recording the liquor tax does it reduce the actual sale price when recording the to the sales account?

For instance:
$5.00 for beer including tax
$.44 to liquor tax account
$4.56 to sales account

Sales should reflect the total amount including tax. The tax goes into receivables and then from receivables to taxes.

EDIT: I see what your saying let me see if I can reconcile it.

EDIT: Ok I have a way to reconcile the sales account correctly.

Clone your Sale Transaction type and name the clone to Liquor Sale Correction Transaction

Create another Create Account Transaction action:

For Account Transaction Type Name put Liquor Sale Correction Transaction

For Amount put [:Amount]

Then in the Payment Processed rule we made in the tutorial above add the new action and put this in for Amount:

[=-{ORDER TAG TOTAL:Sales Tax}]

This will debit that tax out of Sales so the balance is correct. All the other accounting will be correct.

Does this make sense? Receivables will reflect the correction but it balances as it should so everything is correct accounting.

Yep that makes total sense and should work fine.

Can you show your order tag screen on the tutorial above? I think I’m not understanding that step.

The order tag screen is shown in the tutorial did you miss that?

Yep… I missed that entire post. Sorry about asking you the same question over and over, I just knew something was missing haha.

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Sorry wrong post so removed