V4 to V5 Help needed please

Good Day.
1st thank you guys for the great effort and the great V5. i have talked with the owners and we will be buying V5.
i have these issue

1- V4 i cannot see under samba markert “Try” module database so i can make a copy or backup and clear transactions , nor i can convert from SSMS , my Database os SQL
i followed these instructions

but with no luck… its empty Database.

2- i have my Tax setup in the old fashion way. will it adjust with V5 ?

3- any other method except for paypal ?

please advise :slight_smile:

Are your till connected to Internet? Not sure if needs to be to get the ‘extra’ modules to show…

Tax mapping is the same as far as I know - can’t see there being any issues.

As for PayPal alternatives that’s down to emre I’m afraid.
I have offered to act as middle man to convert from another payment method to PayPal for a couple of regular forum members in the past if worst comes to worse.

Only Paypal is supported atm.

Don’t you see Database Backup module on Market section of SambaPOS? Better add a screen shot of your market screen (Navigation > Market) so we can understand what you mean.

i took a copy of the backup from SSMS home. and i Successfully restored another DB instant with the name SMABAPOS5 and was connected successfully. works great with everythging. and i cleard all transactions.

Thank You so much for great effort your effort, i guess it was a problem in the SERVER DOMAIN user rights and internet … i managed to fix it all today in the morning.

Thank You Again.

and regards to the payment i will try to get a paypal account. if not i might need your help @JTRTech

Thank You So much