V5.5.0 not working without internet

I installed v5.5.0 on my server after installation it worked. I was using v5.3.6 before I restarted the server I noticed the v5.5.0 won’t work offline. Once it displays the login page it will display some error and close the software but when connected to the internet it works fine. What’s the solution?

I have the same problem. If I open SambaPOS 5.5 without internet, it causes a problem on the login screen, which shuts down SambaPOS.

Screenshot 2022-06-09 152813

Exactly the error I keep getting. Its causing serious issues for my operations. What’s the way out, please.

Can you please redownlosd and install licenses I think it was fixed.

The copy I installed was downloaded on Tuesday. Do you advise that I still go ahead and redownload?

Yes i updated setup at 8th June. Please download latest setup.

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Its working after fresh download. thanks sir.

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