V5.5 licencing on development machine

We have Sambapos running in two seperate restaurants with two seperate licences. I also have it running on another machine which I use for development and testing, this one has no licence. Previously, the development machine would say “Unregistered trial” and would occasionally remind me to activate the licence, but was otherwise fully functional. I have now upgraded the development machine to V5.5 (restaurants are still on V5.3.6) and now each time I try to select a product I get a popup saying “No valid license found” and am unable to select anything.

Whilst I fully understand that Sambapos want to protect their licensing, not being able to select products means no tickets all of which makes development and testing of new features impossible. I have read about the new licensing process but am reluctant to follow this on my development machine in case I inadvertantly move the license from the restaurant. It seems unlikely that I am the only person to have encountered this issue so I would appreciate any assistance of how to get back to an operational development setup.

I’m not happy with this change either. I had no problem paying for a license for each of the 3 restaurants that I am using Samba. But now after using it for all these years, if I want to upgrade to the newest version I have to buy an extra license to be able to test things at home? The demo is useless without being able to create tickets. I know I would have never purchased Samba if I wasn’t able to fully test everything to make sure it would work the way I needed it before buying.

If you clear database transactions, you will be able to use it as a development database. You will still have your settings.

What is nice about the new version, is you will not have the annoying pop-ups while developing.

Thank you! That works