V5 Print Template - Product Tag Filtering

Hi There,

I have migrated our database from V4 to V5. In V4 we had a Kitchen Display using the old Ticket Lister Widget.

I would like to know if there is a way in V5 that I can filter what is shown on the Ticket by “Product Tag”

For example if I have the following lines in my template :-

[ORDERS GROUP|PRODUCT TAG:Kitchen Group:Starter,Main]

will it be able to show only products with “Starter” or “Main” in the Kitchen Display-Ticket Lister? .

Obviously it isn’t working for me at the moment, just wondering if anyone has ideas on how to do this right.

Thanks in advance

Just do like I do anyway and add an order added rule to transfer your product tag into an order state.
I do with for allot of my product tags as makes it more powerful.

i do this with courses as it also allows me to add a button to update the value manually ie if they wanted a starter to come out with the mains.

Thanks for the tip, how do you then use the Order State in filtering within the ticket lister?

Does it not use printer teplate?
So you either only specify format for specific states or add a course state like above but say none giving starters, mains and none course states and specify none with no format in the same way void is on customer receipt template.