Vairable Discount based on type of product

We are a small restaurant in a Yoga Center. The staff of the center get 50% off the beverages from the bar and 40% off the kitchen items. I want to implement this into a simple button on the payment screen. When somebody from the personnel is about to pay I want to use a button which automatically makes the appropriate discount based on the type of items ordered.
Thank you for the amazing POS system. It is free, but its functionality keep amazing me. I am reading and I hope soon I will be able to do everything my self. This Forum is great.

As we’re receiving more questions about product specific discounts I’ve implemented {ITEM TAG TOTAL:X} and {ITEM TAG PLAIN TOTAL:X} tags to receive total of orders which are tagged with a custom product tag. I’m planning to tag products as Staff Food Discount or Staff Drink Discount to make related calculations easier.

Here is one of the related topics. Instead of tagging orders as discount we’ll just rely on Custom Product Tags.

For this sample we’ll use {ITEM TAG PLAIN TOTAL:Discount=Y} tag to calculate discount. I’ll give more detailed information after next release.