I have just downloaded the latest version of sambapos and updated the version i have been using (5.2 pro).
I just realised that the new version has issues with the portions.
I cannot be able to sell items on portions

Check how the portion part appears on the pos,i have already set two portions for this products ie 500ml and 1ltr and its well configured in the back end (product list).
I have also realized the same happens even on other products,kindly advise

Portions work fine for me. What exactly is it doing?

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Something doesnt look right with your screen. Did you try modifying it somehow? Maybe changed the ticket size %?

Portions work fine. Its something specific with your setup.

There isnt any problem with tags. Can you give more information about your problem?

Hello muthoga,

Seems like you set Portion Selection Button Height to 1, it is supposed to be 0 as default. Once you fix, then it will be displayed normally. Muthoga-01

You can do that from Main Menu > Manage > Settings > Program Settings > Ticket Settings > Portion Selection Button Height > Make it 0 and click on Save button.


Lol in all the years of me tinkering I never once saw that option. Look I learned something.

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Never thought this button can cause this, I changed this button from zero settings to 1, I will check this and update you all tomorrow.
Thank-you so much team,with sambapos i continue learning new things daily

It’s will be height in pixels I imagine, 0 being auto. 1 causing the single line of colour where button would be if bigger.