Virtual work period time setting

I had it set to 9 and it was started at 9 am everyday and that was fine.
Around 9pm at night we started getting the nag screen about not forgetting to end work period.

I figured it was based off 12 hours so I wanted to start the day at 2pm so I set it to 14 (2pm) and it didnt start today.

What is the format to use?

You set a start time and leave it. You only end wp if your needing inventory adjustment. So it doesn’t ever end wp. It just uses start time and last ticket time as report reference.

Hence the term virtual wp. It’s not actually starting and stopping wp it’s one continuous one.

Um well I’m just a computer guy, but ending a workperiod is their form of z out or z report end of sales for the night.

It makes sense to have it auto start each day, and manually ended at end of night sales right?

Yes. I use virtual wp so I don’t have to start one. I just end them

Is “6” equals “6 am” or “6 pm”. In the thread Emre wrote the number 12 and he referred it as 12pm.

6 is 6am it uses a 24hr clock

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12pm is noon, midnight would be 0

agreed. That’s why I was surprised by what Emre wrote.

What he said was accurate. I’m not sure what you mean by that.

12 = 12pm in 24hr clock

Yes, 12 in 24hr is 12 pm noon. It is just odd to me seeing setting the virtual period to start at 12 when majority restaurants in my area will be already working.