Visible after Paid

Hello Team

Is it possible to keep the ticket in the table after it is paid ?

Visible for what and where?
Paid tickets can obviously be viewed in the ticket lister if you change from open to all tickets.

If otherwise needed the think that closes a ticket is the mark ticket closed action in the ticket closing rule where remaining balance = 0.

If you lookup kendash did a hold ticket tutorial which bypassed the kitchen print and order update etc to submitted. You would need to do similar.
I expanded on a hold system for 0 value tickets for my hotel system where half board guests dinner is free but still wants ringing in for kitchen print.
I set a rule to add a KeepOpen state to true if DBB package and balance = 0 and then added another rule to clear this state on ticket transfer to PMS. And added a constraint on the ticket closing rule to be KeepOpen state does not equal true.

Go through the hold tutorial and you should get the jist.

Yes it uses states for that so you would need to explain your flow you want for us to help you.