Voided Credit Card Value (Reporting)

I added a section to the workperiod report that gives the amount that should be deposited in the bank for reconciliation.

[Processing Bank Deposit:2, 1]
Batch Settlement|{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.sum:(PT=Credit Card)}
CC Processing Fee|{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Non Cash Adjustment}
Tip Fees (Charges From Tips)|-[=F(TN(‘{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:CA.Tip.Sum}’).0384)]
Total Bank Deposit|[=F(TN(‘{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.sum:(PT=Credit Card)}’)-TN(‘{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.sum:(PT=Credit Card)}’)

I need to be able to take in account the amount that gets voided from the payment operations window. How can I get to that?

How are you handling voids in Samba?