Waiter Option

@emre , @Jesse Assalam o alaikum to both of you…
Sir Can You Please Tell Me That How Can I Add an option Of Watier In The Samba Pos through data base…

Aleykumselam. I’ve noticed we have no ticket tag tutorial for V4 so I’ve created one here.

Hi @emre Thanks Alot Buddy for Helping Me To Solve My Problem…
I Really Appriciate Your Ideas That You Are Providing to Others For Solving Their Problems :blush:
I Just Wanna Ask Last Thing That How Can I Put The Logo Of The Company , Please Tell Me @emre This Is The Last Thing That I Have To Finish… So Please Help Me … May ALLAH PAAK Blessed You Always For Helping Others…

Salaam Ali,

Please see @Jesse response in another thread.

@kasharif i cannot understand what he is saying buddy :frowning:

You can not replace SambaPOS logo that is in upper left corner once signed in. The only logo you can change is the big one on left of keypad when at login screen. To change that logo it is located here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS4\Images\logo.png
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It explains how to put a picture on your receipt.
<BMP>Filename/Location will print a image on your receipts…
The second one is to change the logo on the login screen.

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but it doesnt change the picture also
can you plz tell me through pictures @Jesse plz

i dont wanna change the logo @Jesse… i just want that whenever i login to samba software then near login i just want to upload my logo …

I havent tried in program files but my logo image is in my documents.

The file should be a PNG called logo.png and placed in a folder labeled images in the samba folder in my documents.

Documents -> SambaPOS4 -> create folder called images -> logo.png in this folder.

This is the only logo you can change. You change it by saving your custom logo as logo.png and you put it here.

C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS4\Images\logo.png
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@JTRTech you mean i have to make a folder in my documents ???

Look at my post above you dont make a folder. Its already there. I am not sure I can be any more clear… what part of that do you not understand?

Its not located in My Documents. I gave the exact path in the post above where I posted the sample picture.

@Jesse i went to that folder you told me
but it do not working my brother

What do you mean not working… did you save your logo as logo.png? That is not optional it has to be named logo.png example it can not be named blah.png or biglogo.jpg… it has to be exactly logo.png

You can change the logo next to the log in if you follow kendash’s instructions which are clear. I have tested and confirmed it.

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@kendash sorry, didn’t want to confuse the matter.
I have never tried that folder, the post I read said to put you custom ‘login image’ in: documents/sambapos4/images/logo.png and shows fine on my system

yes i just wanna like that

Did you see this please follow it and let us know.

EDIT: Sorry @JTRTech it seems your correct that will work as well. Just copy Images folder to there. I just tested that method and it worked.

So lets sum this up. You can either replace the logo.png file located where I already mentioned or follow what JTRTech said and make an Images folder inside your Mydocuments/SambaPOS4 directory place your logo as logo.png in that folder.


LOL thought I was going crazy :dizzy_face: .
Presume it overrides the C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS4\Images\logo.png file as just checked an the origional is still there on my machine.