Wanna change order tags font

i want to change only order tags font how can i change it But not the other font…?

Screenshots and detailed explanations help us understand your issue better. To answer your question you wont be able to that in v4. V5 supports additional formatting for this. However are you talking about on screen or on printed ticket?

Hes put a screenshot in the other post hes created asking the same thing

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@nido are these two discussions about the same issue one seems to be specifically about the printout this one may be about the screen? Either way I hope you can see the need to be more detailed and to try and keep your thoughts in a single thread it really makes it much more difficult for the community to assist you if we can not make sense of the issue or if we have to go between multiple posts.

You wont be able to do anything with v4… In v5 we additional control over that.

Notice the size of the order Tags Mustard and Ketchup.

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is their any html tag that can help me?

In version 4 you have zero options for this.You will have to upgrade to v5 for this feature.

i just do a little expriment with htlm size Attribute and it work in print out its cool now

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OK so you did want it only for printout … I asked that early on and you never were clear on that. Your screenshot lead me to think it was only for screen. Please be more clear. I spent all that time answering the wrong question.

yes thats why i was asking you for html solution but in the end this solution also given by u 2 or 3 days a go u give me w3school link

Again please be more clear… just because you asked for HTML solution doesnt mean I will automatically understand your intent. Its ok I am glad you figured it out.

That’s the only difference between computer and humen i think :wink:

UNDERSTAND INTENT and Computer cant do that :innocent: