Weekly Meal Delivery - A few questions

Hi guys,

Loving SambaPOS, it’s exactly what I was looking for!

I’m currently setting up a POS for a friends cafe which consists of 3 departments - Restaurant, Take Away & Ready Meals. The forum has been a very valuable resource with setting up everything so thank you everyone!

Ready Meals is a service that they offer to senior residents around the town where they can call up/come in and order fresh/frozen meals to be delivered on a designated weekday. This is the part where i’m looking for some ideas on workflow/assistance.

Currently, once the customer is selected from the database, it will prompt to set the ticket tag for Delivery Day

Staff will then select which meals they’d like to order and hit close. (During development, I only have one meal in the ReadyMeals Menu)

The kitchen would like to use the ticket lister entity screens for each delivery day to show meals to prepare the day before. I was then thinking of setting an option to Select All and change the status to Delivered status once completed so they are removed from the list.

The queries I have are

  • I was wondering if it’s possible to filter Ticket Lister widgets down to Ticket Tag so i can setup a lister for each day?
  • Can the results from a ticket lister widget be printed out?
  • Should i approach this idea differently?

I’ve tried the filter in the above screenshot with no luck.

I welcome any alternative options/ideas to help achieve this.


You could use dynamic states with a predefined mask for inputting it so its inputted the same way everytime. Use Date for the state so Ticket State would be 2015-02-08 for example. Then you can filter by state using {DATE:yyyy-dd-mm} It will look for every ticket with that days date in that specific format and display them.

The mask would force employee to enter date in the exact same format every time so no confusion.

So flow is employee takes order and enters date to prepare and deliver order. SambaPOS puts that date as a Ticket State. Then when that day comes around the ticket lister looks for all states for that day and displays them.

This thread talks about masking shows examples.

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That sounds like a much better work flow. It’ll even help with reporting on past dates rather than my destructive workflow. Appreciate the help! I’ll try it out now

Is it possible to print all search/ticket results from the Ticket Explorer widget?


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Why do you want to Print All from Ticket Explorer? I am curious of the work flow I might can offer solution for you if you explain the work flow.

Apologies, I forgot to mention that they are not installing a LCD in the kitchen straight away and they are hoping to print orders/tickets the day before each delivery day to prep meals.A slow transition from old school methods to using technology to help their business.

Their cafe currently does not utilise any POS system and rely on Pen and paper + Excel so it’s definitely a big change but for the better.

You could setup a button to loop tickets that have that day’s date as state and also constrain it to only print if state is ready. Means you should define another state flow for marking them done.

Rather complex setup if your not sure then spend some time studying and practicing with states before attempting.

Look at loop action.

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Perfect. You’ve given me the exact hints i needed! Thanks @Jesse

One last question sorry, I’m unable to make any widgets fit the entire screen on the custom entity screens. Is this by design or is there a setting to adjust? Would love to make use of the “whitespace”


Right click widget while on design mode and choose properties set width and height.

Hi @Jesse,

Is there any way to add extra columns to the Ticket Explorer for Ticket Tags / Statuses? So far, I have not had much luck.

If not, is there a way to setup a date select option on the Ticket Lister rather than having to edit the filter manually each day.


You don’t edit it manually. Use {DATE:yyyy-dd-mm} tag. I have not tested it but it should work.

Not having much luck i’m afraid. I am based in Australia so have also switched around the date expression to support our date format of DD/MM/YYYY. The below screenshots show my settings are trying to filter the ticket lister using DATE.Can this date tag also be manipulated to show the day after current date?

They will be wanting to see orders on the widget the day before each delivery date so would need to add 1 to the current date.

Is it possible to add a Ticket Tag/State as an additional column in the Ticket Explorer instead?


Nono not filter option. Set it for state at top.

I will test it see if it’s possible.

EDIT: Ok it seems its not possible. @emre what do you think about this? Would allowing Tags to be used here be beneficial? If its already possible I must be missing the syntax somehow.

Thanks @kendash. Really appreciate your help with all of this. Look forward to hearing the feedback from @emre

EDIT: @emre: Would there be any future plans to allow custom columns in the Ticket Explorer? E.g Ticket Tags/States

For the original question correct filter syntax should be

GetTagValue("Delivery Date") is "Monday"

Here are the possible filter and expression values for ticket lister widget.


@Jesse I think we can maintain delivery status via Ticket States. Ticket Tags better suits to delivery date.

ohh sorry I’ve noticed that was something else. Do we need to use {DATE} here? If so we support keywords like Today, Yesterday, etc.

also [t:x] syntax will replace with [d:x] syntax to convert tag to a date.

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I agree and I see now that my thought process is possible although slightly different way so you answered my question already.

I was really thinking along lines of reservations type thing. And a little scatter brained thinking so @JimT sorry if I caused confusion.

Ticket Tags would be better approach so ignore my comment on States.

PS: thanks for pointing out that resource Emre I have never really used filters much so I didnt think to look that up. That explains a lot.

PS2: I still have an idea I want to try if it works I will explain my idea if I can not get it to work then its not a big deal. This idea does not directly relate to @JimT question it was more inspired by it.


Well if you see what I was doing, I was dynamically creating a state in the ticket with a specific date format… If we had ability to use {DATE:X} tag that state when that specific future date came would match and those tickets would show.

Was interesting concept idea I was going to try some other things with it.

Let me explain better,

I setup a Ticket State with [?Parem] so it prompted user to type a State…Masked input to specific format like 08/30/2015 Then in Ticket lister use {DATE:mm/dd/yyyy} for ticket state. Only tickets with state that was 08/30/2015 would show… next day only tickets with 08/31/2015 would show. Obviously they would be Paid tickets or Pre Order tickets.

I hope you understand my idea.

That would be the same if you store date as ticket tag and use [d:DeliveryDate] is Today expression.

However I think he wants to store weekday names instead of date and group them by week days on a single screen. Like Monday’s orders, Tuesday’s orders, etc.

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I understand that but I was getting at what If I didnt use date and had a different flow for it. Date was just my example.

What if it was a program setting instead and I want to match {SETTING:X} with what user inputted for State in the ticket. Doesnt make much sense right now because I have not explained business reason. Let me get to that later.

Sometimes I see a potential idea before I have fleshed that idea out. I see potential let me run some scenarios and I will let you know if its worth trying if not then I will just say nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: this idea may be something along lines of RickH retail menu idea recently. It may not be conventional. I will move discussion if it doesnt relate to what @JimT needs but I am not convinced yet.

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