What do you think?

OK. We are new here and category definition topics looks little confusing. Let’s bring some activity here.

What do you think about latest changes?


It’s really great! The new UI seems awsome!

good job from sambapos

I just joined. I’m trying to use this program in an iMac. Is this possible? I want to use it for a Bar.

SambaPOS runs on Windows Operating System. If you can install Windows next to MacOS you can try using WMware Fusion.

best up to this twist SambaPOS. I wonder when it will be added Turkish language pack

Definitely the best looking POS! Excellent job.

I am also interested in the Italian language :smile:

I’m testing a lot of software pos but this is the BEST!!! Go on Emre with the project!!!

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Looks amazing, great job, sambapos already looked great but just got better.

Just singed up and loved it… Congrats. great Job mr. Emre… is there any Turkish interface option?