What is best credit card machine to use

I am currently setting up Samba for the restaurant I manage. I was wondering which actual external swipe machine people are using? I have to purchase two swipe machines for our establishment, and want to find something that works well and is affordable.

Jim Lewis

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I use izettle and payleven in UK, my wife does some baby gifts and nappy cakes and when we do pop up sales we use them, connect to iphone/ipad dead easy to use.

No need to setup merchant account etc thats all done by izettle or payleven, no monthly contracts no expensive terminals to rent you just pay for chip and pin reader which are as little as £50 then you pay around 2.75% per transaction. Ideal for mobile businesses :slight_smile:

I use Paypal and their swipe dongle. I think its USA only but not sure.