What is the best way to handle customizable boxes in SambaPOS?

I am setting up a POS for a candy shop. We sell both individual candies, as well as multiple sizes boxes that contain the customers choice of candy flavors. I will need to set up products for the individual flavors and for the boxes, I will need to use a group option to allow the “filling” of the boxes. With rare exceptions, the candy flavors available for individual sale will also be available for custom boxes. Is there I way that I can have an option automatically added/deleted when an individual flavor is added or deleted?

Thanks for any guidance that you might be able to provide.


Your not very clear. I can’t understand what your asking.

I apologize; I will try to clarify my need. I am looking for a way to sell a product both individually and as part of multiple sets. For example, let us say that we have candies of different types and flavors. Of the candy type fudge, we have different flavors: strawberry, raspberry, peach, coffee, and peppermint. We sell each of these fudge flavors by individual piece. However, we also sell these fudge flavors in boxes of various sizes (5 pieces, 12 pieces, etc.). These boxes are customized to the customer’s preference, so a box may have multiple pieces of one flavor and no pieces of another flavor. I am trying to find the best way to set up SambaPOS to do this.

I have tried this on other POS systems and the difficulty is that I have had to create a product for each flavor of fudge, as well as a corresponding option for the flavor for each of the box sizes. This makes tracking/inventory a little difficult because often the options are not linked to the actual product. However, it makes maintenance even more difficult because for each addition or deletion of a candy product I have manually update the options for each box size. What I am looking for is a method to modify/add/delete a product that is of a certain type (fudge) and have all the options for all of the fudge box sizes automatically modify accordingly. For example, if we introduce a watermelon fudge, I would like to be able to create the watermelon fudge product and have the options for each fudge box size to update automatically to include watermelon fudge. Likewise, if I delete the peach fudge, I would like it be removed from the options available for all of the fudge box sizes.

I have been reading trough the forum and tutorials, and it appears that this might be possible on SambaPOS and I’m just too new to this to know how.

I appreciate any guidance that you are able to provide,


You should setup products, recipe, inventory, and menu for individual then create additional products and menu items for boxes finally use order tags for boxes to choose candies that goes in them. Map individual products to order tags to track inventory. You can set max tags for 5pc box to five 10pc box to ten and so on.

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You can achieve this fairly easily just like @Jesse said:

First of all you’ll need to add products for each candy type and flavor, like: Fudge Strawberry, Fudge Peach
Add Inventory and Recipes for all of them.

Once that is done you can create Order Tags for Boxes, add Candy Types and Flavor and link each tag to a product, so it’ll discount it from inventory every type its added. And you’ll be able to set a max limit for each box too.

Order Tags Example:


Thanks for advice.

@sabata, I appreciate the screen shots…it makes it easier to understand.

I’ll play with it and see how I do. I am a little concerned that for each fudge flavor, I have 3 different things to create (recipe, inventory, and product). SambaPOS seems to handle this more elegant than many of the other POS systems I have looked at, but it still seems like a bit of work to add an item, but this might just be in my head. The process may go quite quickly in practice, so long as I don’t have more than a couple of things to change at a time. Is there a way using rules, scripts, or any of the other advanced features that would allow the creation of a product and inventory item when a recipe is made?

You only make the individual products and inventory items once. It’s a little work yes but I find it helps me understand my products better.

Once entered you can use the price list to change prices etc. you shouldn’t have to change recipe.

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Hello again,
I have had an opportunity to try the recommended course of action from @kendash and @sabata. It took me a little while to get it to work because I did not set the mappings in the menu. I actually did not think that it was working, because I had to highlight the item to get the choices to appear. Is there a way to have the choices appear upon selection of the container item (tins in this case)? Below is a screen shot of what I am talking about:

This is what happens when I select the 2 piece tin:

It isn’t until I click on the item on the ticket that I am able to enter my choices:

I also question about item creation. Is there a way using the automation commands to have an item automatically added to the inventory and recipe list upon creation? Similarly, is there a way to automate adding fudge flavors to the ticket tags?

I look forward to and appreciate your feedback!

You cant have the order line options appear on the right until you have added annorder to the ticket and it has been selected. This is because that area relates to actions you make on an order so it will only show once an order is has been selected. Those buttons are mapped to order line

You can make them show before this by mapping them to ticket, this will put the buttons where the ticket note and print bill buttons are. But they will not work there as that area is for ticket wide functions so will affect every order on the ticket as you cant select just one to change, this is why there is an order line mapping so you can select individual orders to modify in some way, price, discount etc etc and then the orderline button options appear

There was an example the other day where someone mapped a price change button to ticket, and as you cannot select an order to change price from ticket mapped buttons thenprice change affected all orders on the ticket and changed them all, mapped to orderline you select the order then press price change and only the order(s) selected will change

Hope that helps

Go to menu and edit the product properties click auto select option.

RickH he was talking about auto select for order tags.

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My bad :slight_smile: sorry must have mis read it