What is the correct way to report order details of an specific order tag

What is the correct way to print order details of an specific order tag
So far i got this

[Misc Item Report:2,2,2, 2] 
>{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Value,T.Quantity,T.Price}

and already tried this

T.Value:O.<Misc Item Description>
T.Value:OT.<Misc Item Description>
T.Value(O.=Misc Item Description)
T.Value(OT.=Misc Item Description)



According to that ^ we have these for {REPORT ORDER DETAILS:X}

  OS.<state name>                     Order State
  OSD.<state name>                    Order State Date
  OST.<state name>                    Order State Time
  OSV.<state name>                    Order State Value
  OSU.<state name>                    Order State User 
  OT.<tag name>                        Order Tag
  OTN.<tag name>                      Order Tag Note
  OTU.<tag name>                      Order Tag User 
  OTP.<tag name>                      Order Tag Price
  MT.<tag name>                       Menu Item Custom Tag Value
  O.MenuItemName                      Menu Item Name  
  O.Department                        Department Name
  O.Date                              Order Date
  O.Time                              Order Time
  O.User                              User Name 
  O.Terminal                          Terminal Name
  O.Tax                               Tax Amount
  O.ItemGroup                         Menu Item Group Name
  O.ItemTag                           Menu Item Tag
  O.Price                             Price
  O.Quantity                          Quantity
  O.OrderNumber                       Order Number
  O.Total                             Order Total
  O.TotalPrice                        Order Price * Order Quantity

There might be the following, but undocumented, worth a try:

  OTD.<tag name>                      ???? Order Tag Description ????


According to that ^ we have these for {REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:X}

T.Name	Order Tag Name
T.Value	Order Tag Value
T.Qty	Order tag quantity
T.Price	Order tag Price
T.Description	Order tag description
O.<field name>	Order reference
T.<field name>	Ticket reference

So try this:

[Misc Item Report:2, 1,3, 2] 
>{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.Value,T.Quantity,T.Description,T.Price}

I tried the following:


But it wont show anything

That is for Report Order Details, not for Report Order Tag Details.

Plus, you have not specified the Tag Name. You can’t just do OTD.<nothing>.
AND you have everything except T.Value in the Constraint Section (after the colon); they do not belong there.

Read the linked documentation to learn how to properly build a Report.

I tried your Report Setup too but T.Descriptions doesnt show a thing

You’re right, I want the report to show only the Misc Item Description Order TAG
according to the documentation “O.” relates to the name of the Order Tag o where is pointing?

It is T.Description (no ‘s’).

If you do not actually show the exact Full Report Syntax by posting it here in the Forum, there is no way to tell what you did wrong. Don’t tell me you “tried” it without showing what you tried,

Have you made any sales with Order Tagged by the Misc Item Order Tag?

Are you trying to filter/constrain the Report? Don’t try to do that UNTIL you get some output, then try Constraints.

Show your Order Tag Configuration along with the Sub-Tags.

Here are my screenshot of the exact report and it works for every order tag that i have i just want to filter and show only the ones that correspond to Order Tag= Misc Item Description
o the Product Name = Misc Item Description



Also I dont know why i cant upload screenshots in the forum it only show me this after a png o jpg
“![] [DB_ 124-124] SQ|453x74](upload://3YeFW509x65lx8c13syZdJuScli.png)”

Just do Alt-PrtScr (takes a screenshot of active window and puts it in clipboard memory).

Then in the text-box where you type your messages for the forum, do Ctrl-V (paste content from clipboard).

You can also drag files from a folder into the text-box.

Either should work.

Still can’t figure out how you can do this why always have [DB_ 124-124] SQ.

OMG, I can recover you image lol

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thank you sukasem
@emre please help :slight_smile: