What is the default font used for categories?

So without adding any font tags to change the font, what is the default font Samba is using in the categories?

So what font is this?

Font tags implemented to change the font. No fonts specifically configured for buttons. It uses an application wide global font by default.

What is that global font?

The reason i ask is that I’m not specifying a font on the category buttons but when I open a menu that uses the custom keyboard instead of the normal number pad the custom buttons I create don’t have the same “default” font as the category buttons

I want them to look the same, I suppose the other way round is to use the font tags in both places, just wondered what the default global font was so I could use it in the custom keyboard, unless you can make the custom keyboard use the global font by default?

That is “Segoe UI” by default but as far as I can remember I used “Segoe UI Symbol” font for custom keyboards to be able to render enter + backspace buttons with appropriate symbols.