What is the issue with this constraints?

[=TN(FD(’{ORDER TIME}’,‘HHmm’))]>1300
I am trying to implement printing to different printers based o time using above constraints on print action but it’s not working it seems

Where are you using it?
Sure you want order time and not ticket time? Printing is usually on a ticket level event like ticket closing at which point there wouldn’t be a selected/specific order to get time for.

You have brackets in the wrong place, you have 2x ) brackets after HHmm where there should only be one, you need to remove one from there and add it after the curly bracket after ORDER TIME and if this is an action constraint it should be surrounded by single quotes

So should look like this

‘[=TN(FD(’{ORDER TIME}’),‘HHmm’)]>1300’

I agree with JTR it might not work properly using ORDER TIME you would be better with ticket time so once you ticket is complete with all orders and submitted it would then print

You sure Rick? Isn’t the HHmm part of the FD rather than TN and so inside bracket?

Pretty sure it’s right, it is part of the FD

The order time is within one set of brackets and the FD and HHmm is in the other

But isn’t FD meant to be outside.
TN(value) wrapping whole thing to make sure it’s a number not string for >< evaluation.
The hhmm is a FD format not a TN format surely.

Don’t think I’ve used FD

I’ve used F(TN

in all my expressions they have all been with the brackets as I mentioned above and work done, unless this is a special case?