What is the not equal operator in mapping?

I wonder if we have Not Equal operator in mapping, I want something like Status!=Void.

There isnt != for mapping unfortunatly.
What are you doing?
Cancel orders can only be done on new orders…

Sorry for the late response. I need it to have a cleaner automation button arrangement for user roles. Basically, what I want to achieve is a button only appear when user can actually press it.

Thats what visable is for.
I have found myself needed method for a != but its not posible.
What i did was create a custom ticket state specific for that button mapping and various rules to update it based on whats needed.
Basically its like an inverse of whatever state your trying to use for !=

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It’s great to know you have a workaround method. Custom ticket state for button mapping sounds complicated for my poor abilities. May I ask you for a guidance example?

You update ticket with another state and then use that status in your Automation Command Mapping

Here is an example with normal status. Also, unless you know 150% of what you are doing you should not change this default Status and states in any scenario.

So when you add another custom ticket status you can use that status to show you certain buttons. I think youll get the gist of it.

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Thank you, I’m digging into your post now. I have a question, how can you do a break for your customer entities as in the photo?


I found how to, never expect <br/> work. Thanks!

This arises another question, do you know how to format date? I want it to show only MM/dd in ticket. I tried so hard in the past but just can’t find a way.


Does this not work?

{TICKET DATE:MM-dd-yyyy}

I’m currently using Display Format inside Entity Types. I’m trying, but not sure how to put {TICKET DATE:MM-dd-yyyy} in use.

Try putting it as is and go from there

If I put {TICKET DATE} into Display Format, the ticket will show the whole {TICKET DATE} on screen. However, I don’t mean to show ticket date, I want to format the [BDateCustomer] field to MM/dd.

<linebreak/> work. .

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You’re right! <linebreak/> and <br/> work.



If you have an account that links with an entity, ticket will show account balance there automatically. In my photo, it’s (32,733.66). However, whenever I use <br/> or <linebreak/>. The balance number will be sticked with Status:New. There’s no way to edit or format that.



<color red>::: #.00 ₺ Borcu Var</color>;<color green>::: (#.00) ₺ Kredisi Var</color>;<color blue>::: Borcu Yoktur</color>

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This is how mine is from that photo

<size 18><bold>Customer: [Name]<linebreak/>Phone: [Phone]</bold></size>

And Account Balance Display Format

<linebreak/><size 18><b>Due: <color red>$.00</color></b></size>;<linebreak/><size 18><b><color green>Balance: $.00</color></b></size>;<linebreak/><size 18><b><color white>ZERO BALANCE</color></b></size>