What is use of logout event in v3


can any one tell me whats use of logout event in sambapos3
and how to use ???

How to get source code of v4 ??

logout event is to log you out of the POS back to the login screen. Ive never used V3 but in V4 there is a logout user action that you can put in your rules to log out after processing a sale for example

V4 is NOT open source and never will be, there is no source code available. That said the system is extremely customisable and you can virtually set it up exactly how you want. theres lots of resources, have a search in the forum and do lots of reading, theres also lots of people that can help point you in the right direction, share ideas and customisations, database files to incorporate and people that can show you step by step how to set something up.

Everyone on here has taught themselves through reading and helping each other, so shout out if you need help

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But i am using v3
in v3 there is no action of logout so i ask whats use of logout event

You don’t have to have an action to capture an event. You can log out of v3 so the rule can capture that.

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