What printer does SambaPOS 4 need?

I’m curious about what printer that the SambaPOS 4 program needs in order to print a bill or so. I’m looking to use this program to print bills out for the chief to refer to. What printer does this program need for it to function?

You can use all sorts of printers, i use Epson TM-L90 Themal printer, I know others use Epson TM-T88 series, any ECS/POS works i think

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I use an Epson TM-T88V.

In general, you should look for an ESC/POS compatible printer, a protocol/language developed by Epson, but also supported on many brands.

Besides the “Ticket” printers, many other could be used. A report printer could be a Laser Printer for example, printing on letter-size paper, or you can even “print to screen” or “print to textfile”.

Printing support is fairly extensive, since in most cases, you will be printing via the Driver that is supplied by your printer.

Would I be able to use any other printers other then Thermal Printers?

Yes. Absolutely. It has nothing to do with thermal / impact / laser / inkjet.

Yeah many types of printers work. For reciepts you should use thermal because they are much cheaper, I would never buy anything but quality epson printers (epson tm-t88iv or 88v). If you want the paper to not be thermal for some reason, then you can use a tm-U220B kitchen printer which prints actual with actual heat resistant ink. The U220B is what I use for the kitchen since thermal is heat sensetive.

But like they said you can even use inkjet desktop printers for even customer reciepts if you heart desires.

How do I actually use a another printer? I’ve tried to print a bill out, however it didn’t work

  1. Go to devices and printers in windows control panel. Verify that your printer is installed properly and active.

  2. Go to settings in Samba. When you click printers, by default you will see 2 printers (ticket and kitchen). Do it for both if you want all tickets to your one printer.

  3. Double click ticket printer. Click the arrow pointing down under the “Printer Share Name/Port Name” and all your windows printers should show up. Click the one that is your printer.

  4. Choose Printer Type depending on what type of your printer this answer can varry. If the one you choose doesnt work just try another.

  5. Now click save, exit to login screen, and your printer should be working.


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i used this:

and works very good ! Are 4 , 3 connect with wifi club/kitchen and 1 USB directlyto POS (because if wifi for some how crash server and cassa will continue to works)
Windows 7 & 8.1

I really dont like the idea of going wifi for any hardware. Why did you choose wifi instead of just usb or if its away from the computer just running cat5e.