What slows down SambaPOS

I’ve been having problems with Samba recently. It freezes alot, very slow ad laggy. What causes SambaPOS to slow down.

It backs up itself automatically, and only has its original entity screen with all tables, and a takeaway section.

Im using a Dell Venue 7139 Pro tablet with 128GB SSD. Along with Samba, my tablet has become very slow and laggy too

I had occasional lag hiccups that were fixed by changing the following Power Options settings in Windows on every PC:

Run “powercfg.cpl” or find your Power Options settings and modify the currently selected plan.

Turn off hard disk after
Set to “0” minutes

Wireless Adapter Settings -> Power Saving Mode
Set to “Maximum Performance”

PCI Express -> Link State Power Management
Set to “Off”

Processor Power Management -> Minimum Processor State
Set to “20%”

Processor Power Management -> System Cooling Policy
Set to “Active”

Processor Power Management -> Maximum Processor State
Set to “100%”


How many MB is your database?
Is the Report Temp table full?
Have you tried shrinking?

Done all of these now, I’ll see how it goes.

I dont know how big it is, or how i can find out. I delete my transactions weekly if thats what you mean. My menu is quite extensive on the other hand

All reports are default, I only Have the Eat Out to Help Out table from this forum.

This would imply it is not a SambaPOS problem but another issue with your tablet. If your tablet is slow in general, SambaPOS will also be slow…

I agree with changing power options. Especially on tablets and also any fanless systems (I say fanless because if you put High Performance power profile on systems with a fan, it usually makes the fan run constantly).

The easiest way is actually just changing to “High Performance” power profile. Most systems by default will be on “Balanced”. However most tablets will have “High Performance” hidden or disabled. You may find it under “show additional plans” but I have also seen it disabled on some tablets so you won’t even find it there.

If disabled, you need to enable it first, there is some options on how to that on this website:


But another easy way is to use this free “lockdown tool”:


It gives you easy access to many settings for locking down your system which is useful when used as a POS. Usually on systems I setup I will create 2 Windows accounts - one Admin and one a standard user. The standard user account is set to auto login to Windows and auto run SambaPOS. I run the lockdown tool once logged in with the standard user and it will let me configure those settings for that account.

To enable the High Performance plan with the lockdown tool, go to Continous Operation and its the first item on the list. Once you enabled it (and other useful settings), click the :heavy_check_mark: and it will save settings. Note when saving, on some systems if you have system restore disabled (common on most new Windows 10 systems), if you have it create a system restore point, it will most likely come up with an error.