What state(s) or whatever else does a close ticket action change?

Like title says, to the ticket and orders, and anything else

Close ticket action does not change any states.
However there are state changing actions within some of the following rules.
This is a very open question as someone could only answer based on default setup since the state changes will vairy on e system is customised…
My setup has most likely allow more state changes than yours with my ‘slim order state formatting’ sates and PMS instrargration related states. Also my switch user flow has ticket closing flow with additional temporary states.

Anyway close to get action will trigger in sequence;
Before Ticket Closing
Ticket Closing
Ticket Closed

Take a look at all your rules under these three sections to see the actions and follow the flow to see what states are changed.

By default I think from memory there is only 3 which is order status, ticket status and entity status.
On a newly opened ticket;
Orders will change from NEW to SUBMITTED
Tickets will change from NEW ORDERS to UNPAID
Entity I think changes from AVAILABLE to OCCUPIED but not so sure on that one, that’s what I have on mine but not sure if that’s default.
The changes to the schedule stares will depend on circumstances too due to constraints and previous state configurations.


Just look at the rules it shows what states in the actions. It doesn’t just change random states. If the action is not in a rule then it won’t do anything.

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The Close Ticket Action does not alter any States, ever.

It does however set an internal “flag” on the Ticket referred to as: IsClosed (values are 0 and 1 in the DB, with 0 meaning the Ticket is still open and 1 meaning the Ticket is closed).

The IsClosed flag can be used in Automation Command Mappings for the Visible and Enabled State constraints. Look at the Cancel, Gift, and Void Automation Commands as an example.

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Have been using IsClosed flag for certain buttons to show or not in fine tuning my delivery subsystem and is now studying the properties Lock and Unlock.