What Syntax do Use to create this report

That means i can Run the two SambaPOS V5 on the Same PC?

Its just serving the tills right? That server is not actually operating as a till is it?

Yes it is just serving the Tills, i try to install 2 SambaposV5 it keeps on uninstalling the old and installing the new.

You don’t need two. You install one and use the action to switch databases

I was successful at connecting to any of the database but i want simple way to switch between databases.
thanks, By the way which “Action”. Another Question is it possible to install two Sambapos V5

I can’t recall exact name but there is an action to CHANGE connection string you can create command button on both databases and press one button to switch between them. Or you can get creative and setup specific users it will switch it automatically on login.

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It just occurred to me that Management will need to access both V4 and V5 on ther server PC to update prices, Reporting and other managerial duties. i will be glad if i can just get script to run custom report for only Drinks Sales In Sambapos V4. Thank you

JTRTech, please do you have the Script for item Group Report for Sambapos V4 yet. I am really under intense pressure from my Boss.

What script?
I did a grouped item sales report using report tags, it’s on the forum…

Yes that is for the Samba V5 but you cannot use the same for Samba V4 because that one uses
Sql Script. Thanks for the reply

It does not use SQL. You can use SQL in v4. In fact you will need to use SQL to do what you want in v4.

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Hi Kendash, can u please help with Script to generate a Group item report in Samba V4 for my Boss. I don’t know anything when it comes to Sql Script.

This gets list of groupcodes;
Dont have v4 custom reports module to test what report tags were available in v4

Thanks Man, i will try it out immediately

I just run the Script, It only Generated the all my group items without the Quantity of each product and Amount Sold

It wasnt meant to,…

SQL will not generate a grouped list ready to drop in to a report and anything close will be very complex…
As I posted before this is a grouped report but from V5.

Again as I said I dont have v4 custom reports module to see what report tags are unavailable.
Have you tried this report?
As kendash confirm there may be parts not compatible with v4.

Either way you will not get an sql query which will do exactly what this does. At least without lots of more complex SQL function which few on forum will know.

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I have Try all of them none of it seems to work, I think they solely for Samba V5 . I will be glad if Kendash or anyone can help with the Sql Script. Thanks JRTech for the support. i really appreciate it.

Yes you need to use SQL in v4 for this. I’m not a SQL expert and am not in a place to help.

Q is the only person that might be able to help with that level of SQL.
I can do SQL to call data but your going to need to manipulate the data in the query columns which is not something I’m so familier with.

You should be able to do something similar in v4 though, I mean v4 has an item sales report similar to v5 so has to be a way to do something similar using report tags.
Maybe not identical but similar.