What will be the best way to offer a free Item off a main meal purchase

What im saying is if the offer is kids meal free with adult meal that not every adult meal will want a kids meal. A table of 4 adults without kids would mean 4 ask questions as I understand it.

This is true. So you would need to work out a system for that.

That’s where my thought of a program setting that logged if (or even how many) main meals had been added and a rule for kids meal added that if the setting listed that a main had been it automatically gifted it.
Little more complex/longwinded but would have been the method I would have tried.

can a button activate a question, requesting what meal to gift?

Then you could only press it when you need to gift a kiddies meal.

Assuming the button only shows when Main Meals are selected.

That would eliminate all the hassles and create a smoother work flow

You can do anything you want we just have to figure out the flow.

You would need to define an Order State for these specific items. Thats easy to do with Order Added to Ticket rule. Use Menu Item as a constraint and set your state. Process is same as I showed you above.

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Im scouring the forum looking for a way to ask a question that will gift a selection of items but cant find the posts…

but emre doesn’t show how to giftt menu items.

Can someone show me where this is please

It wont show you how to gift menu items… it will show you how to use the automation. To use it to gift an item you would need to setup the automation yourself. The ask question just executes a command what you do with that command is when the Gifted item comes in.

You really need more practice with these kind of setups until you understand it will be hard for you to configure it for your needs. A great tutorial to use will be the discounts tutorials even if you dont plan to use them they can give you a great grasp of how to use various functions.

If you follow one of the discounts tutorials and really look at how it structured then setting up a simple automation to gift an item will be simple for you.

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OK. Under every topic that relates with free items I saw @stephanhenning’s posts. I’ll start a short tutorial. I hope that will solve the confusion.


pity @gerlandog showed screenshots how to gift items (he was giving away cold drinks with pizzas) with a special but he posted on someone elses post so I cant find it. If I cold follow his route Im sure I can translate it from his Spanish!

So did it solved? Great…

No sorry should have been more clear… I cant find his post, hes a busy boy went through his 800+ replies!

So what exactly do you want to happen? Can you explain the flow you would like to see? @emre I was about to build a tutorial for him. If your already started ill wait.

Is this the preferred flow for you?

My question with this flow is what if waiter doesnt ever ask or click on the item? Do you want something more automated forcing the waiter to ask? When would you want this to happen?

Selecting a special meal item --> then asks question of which free wine you would like Red or White.

This special will only be active on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Ok I understand that but what if waiter forgets to select the item? Do you want some system to remind waiter? Or is that just going to be a discipline you train them?

if its a pop up question I don’t understand how he will be able to forget?

To initiate the popup he has to click on the meal… what if he never clicks on the meal? You mean selecting it from the menu … the moment its added>?

So how often do you want this popup to come up… every time that meal is added during the specific time? Or do you want it only asked once if multiples of that same meal selected in same order?

Yes selecting from menu

every order, same question

So if same order added 5x in same ticket you want it asked 5x?

How else are we going to gift an selection of items?

What I am saying is do you want to give 5 gifts in same ticket or just 1?

What if its a family of three 2 adults 1 kid… you wouldnt give 2 free kids meals would you?

PS I am prodding you for more information to understand your flow.