When using RDC in a Mac

I noticed something i wont say its a bad but may be it can be improved.

I connected to the server using RDC works fine but since am using the same account,
The moment i log in back to the server it disconnects rdc which is okay with me.

But the menu will dissapear.

I have to close the order point and click the table again,

will need more tests to verify it.

@Wisefix did you know if not already you can use Windows RDP client which is available for free for mac you can connect with that (depending on version of windows from what I hear) and if you use the multiple RDP patch for windows on the server, it will allow you to remote connect to second user on the server without logging out the user who is already open.

@JTRTech Thanks let me read that might configure it seems helpful and very useful for someone who mighrt connect using more than one machine

Cant make out what windows that is, have heard the exploit was fixed in 8 but may be alternative.

If you can find patch it can be handy as if you don’t have multiple terminals you can RDP in from pc/laptop elsewhere and update bits without hogging the terminal.

If you know how you could in theory open a port on modem for RDP and login from another location (a bit like team viewer which I see you use) if you know you public IP, I don’t RDP from remote location as have a headless server running the sql which I usually VNC into as wont disturb anyone. Its the server that my local RDP tablets use rather than the terminal to spread the load.

Thanks the server is 2012, For now i have only one user who is using the Mac book, basically i believe for reports and managerial services.

I doubt i will be having anyone else log in into the server unless for troubleshooting.

Think i will have to activate concurrent connection as. Look at that error.

Hmm… looks like it does not render views and this is beyond our control. There must be an issue related with WPF & the client you’re using.