Where are Price Definitions Stored in database?

This is probably a stupid question but does anyone know where product Price Definitions are stored in the database?

I have been looking and can’t seem to find a relationship to MenuItemPriceDefinitions.Id anywhere.

Hmm you must have just missed it or something…

This table only contains the Price definition names and not the actual value for each product.
I have just found the prices under the MenuItemPrices it adds the definition as a Price Tag.
I was only viewing top 1000 rows which were all null but when I bumped this up to 2000 I could see the couple of price definitions I have added at the bottom.
I was looking for Price definition and completely overlooked the PriceTag

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Glad you figured it out. The screens I showed demonstrate the relationship.

LOL, just looking at this myself for another topic …

mi.[Name] as [MenuItem]
,po.[Name] as [Portion]
FROM [MenuItemPrices] pr
JOIN [MenuItemPortions] po on po.[Id]=pr.[MenuItemPortionId]
JOIN [MenuItems] mi on mi.[Id] = po.[MenuItemId]
AND mi.[Name] like 'Wine Red'
AND po.[Name] = 'Bottle'
--AND [PriceTag] IS NULL
AND [PriceTag] = 'HH'
ORDER BY 1,2,3,4
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Thanks, I went through the entire database a couple of times today and could not find it so I had to ask. We you posted the MenuItemsPriceDefinitions I went in to get a screenshot of the MenuItemPrices to show what I was expecting to see I realised where I had gone wrong. Sometimes I think its just better to walk away from something and come back with fresh eyes.

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Yes I have to do that a lot :stuck_out_tongue: