Where are product tags stored?

Our restaurant likes to split total takings into Food, drink and others groupings. I would like to use the product tag to mark each item accordingly. I started to do this and then looked for the items in the database under the dbo.MenuItems table but they don’t appear to be there, although this is the logical place for them to be.

My question is, where are these tags stored in the database?

We can see the Tag marked as food in the SambaPOS product screen.

But when we look at the database (using HeidiSQL) the same item shows the Tag column as NULL

Are you wanting to create a custom report around them?

Yes. I plan a short SQL script to count the total cost based on whether it is food or drink.

[Edit] Tags are exactly where they should be! I had SambaPOS in training mode but was looking at the production database!!!

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@ Stevew

is that discount tag with Y works ?
i tired it and still all product get discounted do you mind to share your set up if yours is working ?

Sorry for the slow reply.

The implementation for this is explained at Checkbox for a product item to exclude it from "discount %" calculation.

There is also a downloadable there with it all set up that you can load via the database tools module and then adjust to suit your purposes.