Why does this order tag appear automatically?

I defined a lot of order tags, jajajajajjaa, but this one is driving me crazy… and the worst thing is that the price is from an other ortder tag…

I have defined three order tags (calzone, pastel and tapioca). All three have “Queijo” with different prices…
but only when I select that product (Pastel) the order tag appear automatically, on the others NOT.


Manage - Products - Menu List - Edit Menu - Select Category where item appears and click on Edit Product Properties - Locate Product and clear the Order Tag for this item. :wink:




that was driving me crazy…

@Emre, now, that brings a small BUG in order tags, setting the tag there brings a tag from an other prodcut…



This happens when Order Tags are not unique. It will use the first matching Order Tag it finds.

@emre, was it Order States that we could define the group as well as the state if the states were not unique?
Could that idea help for this situation with duplicate Order Tags?

OrderTagName1=OrderTagValue1,OrderTagName2=OrderTagValue2 syntax should work.