Why is SambaPOS trying to download something to my computer?

I open up settings, which opens up the “SambaPOS News” Tab by default, and then the page tries to download something. Should I allow it?

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Your settings on your computer are doing that. That’s just the Web page it tries to open instead of opening it your computer saves it. Likely the web browser it uses you don’t have installed.

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As I recall from your previous posts, you are using Windows Server 2012? It is just a web page, but the security restrictions you have set on your windows account is making that appear. It’s likely by default the settings are to not allow any web content to load outside of Internet Explorer or another browser. I remember in Windows Server 2008 there is a “restricted browsing mode” that is enabled by default, that would cause this sort of thing. I don’t know if it is same in 2012 but if so, you can just disable that mode if you wish, it should be under “server roles”, or alternatively open internet explorer and change the security settings as those will be what SambaPOS follow.

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It’s just weird that I’ve been using SambaPOS on this specific computer (Win 10) for a while and today was the first time I saw that message. I don’t believe I ever changed Internet Explorer settings.

The computer in question is running Windows 10 Pro. It doesn’t have any of those restrictions enabled.
I actually upgraded my server comp to Windows Server 2016 recently.

Did you just update SambaPOS? SambaPOS News was only introduced from 5.2.2 or 5.2.3 onwards.

Have you changed anything else on the computer?

Not a single thing was changed.

I just checked on one of my systems - Windows 10 Pro, SambaPOS v5.2.14 - I don’t get this, the news page shows the web page correctly. There is no new content there, still showing same as has been for a while (about android mobile client). Like others said already, it’s a problem on your computer and not a SambaPOS issue. As I have suggested, it will be a security setting somewhere, but I don’t know exactly what caused it to happen. All I can suggest is follows, if nothing turns to work, if this is troublesome your only other option is to block the redir.sambapos.com domain on your firewall or in your hosts file (google it if you are unsure how), but I don’t recommend it as you don’t know what else it might block (like activation checks).

  1. Any recent Windows update? Check update history from settings.
  2. Check any installed software which may be done by someone else - check install history or installed date in programs & features, uninstall a program.
  3. I note you use Firefox. Try changing default browser to Chrome or Internet Explorer, see if it makes a difference. (I use Chrome and don’t have the issue, that’s my only reasoning here).
  4. Unlikely, but is it related to a file association change for .htm files? Try changing them to open with notepad (which won’t affect anything on your system).

Thanks for the help, but it’s not a big issue. I don’t need to see the SambaPOS News page anyways :grinning:

Yes, the auto load / popup is also annoying in my opinion. But remember it will load every time you start SambaPOS and go to Manage.

Why you dont want to see our news? Please give us feedback about this.

Hmm… Maybe because there is no news :slight_smile:

I’ll add an temporary option to opt-out until we come up with a better idea to feature our news.


An interesting thing about news right…
An idea implemented by game developers these days.
When a new update comes out, they bring it to the front to see.

What I think you can try is… Rather just showing something like an advert like now.
You can make it an informative one, similar to how you upload new software updates with dot points listed about whats new in this version.

You can have it shows "What’s new in this version of SambaPOS
(List of dot Points) And you there you can even add the advert and link to other SambaPOS features they can be interested in.
It will make looking at that screen more interesting I think


Yes, that will be really useful, as it gets annoying after some time that it keeps popping up every time you enter management. Like you say, there is no news, if someone isn’t interested in the mobile app they definitely do not want to spend even 10 seconds every day to close it.

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