Will V5 allow auto-closure of tickets? [Closed]

Will V5 allow auto-closure of tickets once the cash draw opens or the payment has been taken?

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You can do this in V4, when ticket is settled it closes ready for next transaction

Is that not what you want??

Tickets can only be closed when entity or ticket tag added but why would you want to close a ticket after cash drawer has been opened if it isnt fully settled? That can be done in V4, add the close action into your cash drawer open rule and providing there is an entity or ticket tag assigned when you press your open drawer button the ticket will close

Not sure why you would want it like that, could you give more explanation as to what youre wanting to achieve

Not sure what you mean by close on open draw? Ie open draw from payment processed rather than open draw from a no sale type button?

As rich said just ass a close ticket action to the payment processed rule.
You may also want to look at the autologout setting.
Both posible in v4 :slight_smile:


Yes I know about the auto logout, that’s fine. However what I really want is for once the order has been taken, the tickets to print, rather than having to close the order with a button.

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Kitchen ticket?
Someone else did similar with a ‘send kitchen order’ button.
You will have to have some sort of event to trigger the printing, closing is the most obvious default.

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Could I trigger it when payment occurs (my tickets will never be tabs)

Oh wait, do you mean closing the till or the tix?

But does your ticket not close after payment ?

No, I have to close it. :frowning:

@WCCF wouldn’t it be better to explain required flow in more detail?

After payment is taken the ticket should close ready for a new transaction, have you modified a default rule?

It does not “close” if Change is Due - it remains on the Payment Screen. This may be what he is asking. Hard to guess…

Ah ok, i dont use payment screen i just use my fast cash buttons on pos screen so ive not noticed this :slight_smile:

Not wanting to push an idea witch didn’t get much response this might be an example where some for of time out (via a global timed automation command might come in) so if change is due the change message/ask question change message will automatically close if not ‘ok’d’ within a certain time!

you can do that now with delay. You can put close ticket on payment processed rule. But I agree he should share his flow so we can agree on a solution.


Thank you for the info, I have worked on this and realised that I had changed something. I did a fresh install (well mostly)

No worries :smile: